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High-Performance Basketball Seminar in

The speakers

Thomas Huyghe

Head of Athletic Performance at Filou Oostende. Recently served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Atlanta Hawks' NBA G League team.


Sam Reffsin

CEO of Reffsin Athletic Performance, Inc. Recently served as a Director of Performance with the Turkish Women's National Basketball Team.

Our main objective is to provide actionable items our audience can use immediately in an extremely cost effective manner focusing on minimizing injury risk and maximizing athletic performance. This seminar is suited for all performance coaches and physio’s involved in any sport, especially basketball as it will be emphasized more than other.

We pride ourselves in delivering the finest quality content in all of Europe by combining our practical experience and countless hours of reviewing the literature. Our content includes step by step progressions to create a systems based model while building your assessment battery, annual plan, refining your warm up, and integrating an athlete monitoring system in a collaborative high performance model.
This seminar is the first of its kind in Europe and our content offers our audience with a unique exposure challenging the traditional thought process of performance. We are confident that those who invest in continuing their education will receive a special experience and standard for what a weekend professional development seminar should look like. 

Seminar Content

Profiling & Evaluation of Elite Players

Step-by-step Development of the Annual Plan

Building a Cost-Efficient Athlete Monitoring System

A Progressive Approach to your Warm Up

Implementing a High/Low Model in Basketball

Off-season and Pre-season Programming

Training & Coaching Tall Athletes

Managing High-Risk Basketball Injuries




7/9/2019 – 8/9/2019

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